Wake Up Wake Up


Hayal is a writer who struggles with her life. She has to write a novel according to an agreement she made with a publisher. However, she cannot write the novel even though she tries everything. She starts writing a novel called Bunyamin in her darkest times. Bunyamin is an unemployed and dispersed man. One day he gets an invitation for a job opening from a surreal Publisher called Ya- Ya Yayincilik. Bunyamin gets hired in that instant and starts working before he can put a meaning to all this. In the meantime, he falls in love with his coworker, Deniz. Bunyamin decides to come clean with Deniz when he finds out that his boss, Cenk, is also in love with her. Bunyamin discovers a black door while he was headed to Deniz and enters the door. The door opens up to Hayal’s room. Bunyamin sees his own story on Hayal’s computer and wakes her up. Hayal, startled by seeing her own imaginary character in her room, decides to convince Bunyamin that he is only a fictional character. However, imagination and truth is already tangled with each other.

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İkinciyeni Film


Serdar Gözelekli