The Town Doctor



Ömer was 15 when he saw his father Ekrem brought to a hospital emergency room following an accident. But the hospital staff gave priority to a rich and influential patient, treating him instead of Ömer’s father, and his father is dead. Ömer blames the doctors, and he attacks the emergency room with a stick the next day. But, there was Hakan, an experienced surgeon, who stopped Ömer while he was furiously destroying everything that stood in his way. While treating Ömer, who had injured himself in his fury, Hakan gives him advice that he will never forget: “Be so good that you cannot possibly to be ignored.But you must have the courage to fight for it and change yourself.” Years later Ömer returns to the same hospital as an intern. He wants to find and thank Dr. Hakan, who had inspired him, but Hakan has already left the hospital. Meanwhile, Head Doctor’s foster daughter, Leyla, works as an assistant doctor at the hospital where Ömer has started working. Although they do not like each other at first, they will eventually start to impress each other. However she does not respond to Ömer’s interest. She even leaves the city. For months, Ömer tries to reach Leyla, but he cannot find her. One day, the hospital administration assigns him the task of performing an operation for an influential and wealthy patient. but things don’t goes well and Ömer loses two of his patients. Unable to cope with this trauma, they exile Ömer to Düzçayır Hospital in a small town. A surprise awaits him as he arrives at Düzçayır Hospital: Leyla also works there and Hakan, who taught him the biggest lesson in the past, is the master surgeon of the hospital. Hakan is a great doctor, considered by many to be a miracle worker. Ömer and Leyla have much to learn from him.


Ozan Akbaba Deniz Can Aktas Hazal Subası Vildan AtaseverSinan AlbayrakÖzgün Karaman Sinan DemirerBarış Yalçın Barış YıldızTarık Uğur Özenbaş Alptekin Ertürk

Original Title

Kasaba Doktoru






Arda Sarıgün








2 seasons

Season 1