The Hunter



The year is 2025. The climate, migration, hunger and energy crises in the world have deepened even more. Global powers aim to control energy basins with proxy wars by using terrorist organizations as tools. The name of the new order established with the end of the era of globalization is chaos. The climate crisis which is clearly felt in the southern hemisphere, triggers waves of migration. The planned destabilization of the Middle East, Central Asia and the Caucasus increases the size of the threat to the homeland day by day.There is only one bright region in this dark picture. Turkey... Realizing its breakthrough in the Defense Industry, Turkey produces military policies in line with the new conjuncture. In this context, special teams are formed from the most competent soldiers in the field within the TAF Special Forces by preparing its legal infrastructure with the decision of the National Security Council. The first of these teams, “Hunter Team”, consisting of ten people, organizes military operations in the country and in different geographies of the world against dangers that openly target Turkey or touch the interests of the country. While the action side of the project is reflected in the successful fulfillment of the missions, the drama part stands out with the personal stories of the characters. The Hunter Team, isolated from their private lives and gathered in a secret headquarters, is always ready for operation with its state-of-the-art weapons and equipment. It is the responsibility of other institutions to investigate the reasons and individuals behind the crime element. The Hunter Team’s mission, under the command of Sacit Pasha, is only and only, given to fulfill a military duty by using the technical and physical opportunities generously provided by the state to eliminate the threats to Turkey


Uğur Güneş Burak Tozkoparan Gülsim Ali Ali Öner Gözde Türker Suna Ayar Emre Dinler Aybars Düzey Çağlar Sayın İdris Nebi Taşkan Ahmet Olgun Sünear Melih Özdoğan Faruk Aran Tezhan Tezcan Murat İnce Poyraz Deniz Genç İsmail Filiz Serkan Tatar

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Muzaffer Can Emre