The Great Seljuks:Alparslan



When Alparslan (Barıs Arduç) is nine or ten years old, he has a dream one day in his camp near Vaspurakan, where he lives. He is in the Battle of Badr in his dream; the mysterious man in white with whom he is talking gives Alparslan a sapling and shows him the door in the middle of the desert. “Open the locked doors! A tree knows its soil!” he says. Waking up, Alparslan finds his mother planting the sapling he saw in his dream. He excitedly tells his mother about his dream. His mother interprets it as meaning that Alparslan will make a great conquest and open the door to new homelands for the Turkmen. Just then, Katakalon Kekavmenos, the Governor of Vaspurakan, launches a major raid against his nomad camp and kills everyone, including the children. Alparslan witnesses the death of his mother. He shoots an arrow at the murderer Kekavmenos, whose face he does not see, and leaves a permanent scar on the latter’s face. 15 years pass after the raid against the nomad camp. This painful loss he experienced as a child is one of the main factors that has forged Alparslan’s character. He neither forgets his dream nor his inability to save his mother. The Emir of Khorasan, Chaghri Bey, has left the administration of all the towns to his son, Malik Alparslan, due to his illness. With his dauntless, fair and determined administration in the eastern portion of the Seljuk State, Alparslan has made Khorasan and its surroundings a safe zone in the strictest sense. The ultimate goal of Alparslan is to conquer Vaspurakan, where he lost his mother years ago, and Anatolia, which was shown to him in his dream.


Barıs Arduç Fahriye Evcen Gizem Karaca Rabia Soytürk Erdinç Gülener Toprak SergenMehmet özgür Yurdaer Okur Barış BağcıSarp levendoğlu






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