Tabula Rosa


A woman walks awkwardly through city crowd. And a man saves the woman from an inevitable accident. Woman carries a bag full of Money. His name is Sinan and he owns a restaurant. Woman’s name is Rosa. However she doesn’t know her name or where that money came from since she is having a temporary memory loss. Our protagonist and this woman trusts each other in a unique way, become friends and confidants. In time, they fall in love with each other. However, it is almost an impossible love. Because even though she does not remember, Rosa is the lawyer daughter of an Armenian family and was preparing for her wedding with her fiancée Garbis. On the other hand, Sinan lost both his parents with only a month between them. He was a young man graduated from literature and wanted to become a writer when his parents died and left him a store to survive on. This unexpected love won’t be easy for either of them.

Original Title

Tabula Rosa


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Köprü Film Yapım, Ferhat Eşsiz


Hatice Memiş