When he was a little boy, Fatih Kömürcü stabs his step father in the back with scissors when he attacks his mother. Then he is put into a juvenile correction center. Fatih is called “Scissors” in the center and, since he was quite talented in tailoring, he sets up a small tailoring workshop there with the support of Warren Ömer Bey and spends most of his time here. He falls in love with Ömer Bey’s daughter Berrak, who he sees through the little window of his workshop. On the occasion of her graduation from high school, Fatih makes a surprise for Berrak and personally sews her graduation dress. Now the year is 2015 and Fatih Kömürcü is the co – owner of Yiğitoğlu Holding, a big company, with Hanzade Yiğitoğlu and the most famous name in the country’s fashion world. But then the kids who have been through the correction facility start to get murdered mysteriously with scissors. Does the past follow Fatih? Or is it the other way around?


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Bizim Yapım, Asuman Erdoğan, Burak Törer


Nihat Özcan