Saladin: The Conqueror Of Jerusalem



In the 12th century, when Crusader invasions ravage the Islamic World, unity and order among Muslims are disrupted, and many Islamic lands, especially the Holy City of Jerusalem, falls into the hands of the Crusaders. While the Islamic world is in the darkness of despair, one person emerges as the light of hope for all Muslims. This is Nureddin Zengi. He aims to unite the dispersed Islamic world, expel the Crusaders from Islamic lands, and finally saves the holy city of Jerusalem from their oppression. But he also knows that this goal would not be limited to himself. That is why he wants a son who would be the heir to his state's future and case. It is at this point that fate begins to weave its webs. Nureddin Zengi loses his son, whom he thinks would be the future of his state and the heir of his cause, at birth. That day, Yusuf, the son of his old friend Necmeddin Eyyub, is born. Yusuf's birth is not ordinary. Because his mother, Fatma Khatun, sees in her dream that he is adorned with good news about Jerusalem. Nureddin Zengi asks his old friend Necmeddin Eyyub for Yusuf. From then on, Yusuf would be his own son and grow up as the heir of the Jerusalem case. Although it is difficult for Necmeddin Eyyub to give up his son, he is convinced by both his trust in his old friend and the good news of Fatma's dream. From that day on, Yusuf would grow up as the son of Nureddin Zengi and this will remain a secret between them. A new life is then beginning for Yusuf. Nureddin Zengi nams Yusuf "Selahaddin" so that he would be devoted to his religion and the case. Selahaddin grows towards his goal, which is engraved in his soul with Nureddin Zengi's words, ''May the world of Islam be united under your shadow, may the oppressors be destroyed by your sword, may Jerusalem be a blessing to you, Selahaddin!'' On his way, he encounters tough obstacles. When the time comes, he has to fight not only with his enemies, but also with his own family, the Eyyubi. In fact, Jerusalem is the key not only to the Islamic world, but also to the difficult adventure that Selahaddin falls into. The only key to unlock this is in Selahaddin's hand.However, the conflicts of ideas with his father, Sultan Nureddin, the love stalemate, and therelentless attacks of his enemies tie Selahaddin's hands from all sides. But despite all the ifficulties, he struggles with everyone to reach his goal both in his ideals and in his love journey.While he struggles with these, the biggest secret that he never knew but that affects his life beginsto be revealed step by step...


Uğur Güneş Dilin Döğer Mehmet Ali Nuroğlu Ekin TürkmenTuvana Türkay Seda Yılmaz Sezgin Erdemir Kaan Çakır Murat Han Ali Ersan Duru Doğan BayraktarÖzgür Cem Tuğluk Alou Traore Baran Andıç Ece Özdikici Erdinç Gülener Yıldırım Gücük Zeynep Kumral Buse Varol Kaan Uluca Gökçe Akyıldız Hakan Vanlı Sezgin Uzunbekiroğlu

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Kudüs Fatihi Selahaddin Eyyubi






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