Reckless Love



Since his father left home when he was a child, Civanmert has been working and looking after his mother Türkan and his sister Reyhan. Türkan is extremely fond of her son. Civanmert is skilled at driving and is the valet of a very luxurious hotel, which belongs to Deren's father. Zeynep is a chemist and took over her grandfather's pharmaceutical company. The only goal of his grandfather Yusuf Bey is to persuade his grandson to marry. Although Zeynep is overwhelmed by the pressure of her grandfather and says that there is someone in her life, Yusuf is suspicious of this. Zeynep has not forgotten Mete, with whom she had a relationship for two months while she was at university, she wonders why he left her. Zeynep sees Mete at the hotel where Civanmert works and goes to see Mete, but Mete cuts the conversation short. When Zeynep goes outside, she collides with Civanmert and sprains her foot. Civanmert convinces Zeynep to leave her at home. Meanwhile, Zeynep's friends, including Deren, follow the duo. On the other hand, Zeynep asks Civanmert along the way if she is beautiful, if she is someone to marry, because she does not understand why Mete is moving away from her. While Civanmert is leaving Zeynep at his house, Yusuf sees them and asks who Civanmert is. When Zeynep's friend Suzi says that she is Zeynep's lover, Civanmert denies it, but Yusuf does not believe him. Türkan, on the other hand, signed a promissory note to give her son a dowry, but was defrauded. Civanmert urgently needs to find 95,000 liras. Yusuf Bey asks Zeynep to call Civanmert, Zeynep now has to continue this lie, she finds Civanmert, but when Civanmert does not want to talk to her, Zeynep says she will give her as much money as he wants, Civanmert's friends think that this is an opportunity and gasp him. Civanmert shyly goes to Zeynep's company and asks for 95,000 liras and signs a contract. This game will continue until Yusuf Bey goes abroad, that is, two months. Türkan shows off with her future bride, she is very happy but Reyhan is suspicious of this relationship.


Sevda Erginci Caner ŞahinEkin Mert DaymazGökçe Akyıldız Mehtap BayriElçin Afacan Evren Duyal Osman AlkaşGülseren Gürtunca Berke ÜsdikenBatuhan BayarSadra JadidAli Öner

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Seni Kalbime Sakladım






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