Perfect Match



Pınar and Kerem live a single life in large plazas kilometers away from each other in one of the world's largest metropolises Istanbul. Neither Pınar nor Kerem is thinking of getting married, having children, or starting a family. They are very happy with their lonely and comfortable life but their families are not at all happy about this situation. These two families, unaware of each other, agree that their children are at the age of marriage. Both families believe that the marriage of their children cannot be left to chance. This is a situation that must be intervened and without any occasion they will never get married. Sevinç thinks to take action who knows both Pınar, Kerem and their families. Although an arranged marriage in June of 2022 may sound strange, when the details are analyzed, it is clear that the arranged marriage is far more successful than currently available matching algorithms. Since Sevinç has all these data, her matching will be the perfect match because Sevinç has a lot of information about both families. Sevinç and her life experience says that these two young people will be very happy. When they first hear about it, both Pınar and Kerem naturally strongly object to arranged marriage. They even make fun of it and also get very angry with their families. But neither Pınar's nor Kerem's family, especially the moms will not give up easily. With all kinds of intrigues, cunning, and threats, they leave no choice to Kerem and Pınar to meet and have a cup of tea. Finally, Pınar and Kerem soon fall in love with each other and get married; they leave their independent plaza life and become a part of their family that they have been trying to stay away from for years. When Pınar gets pregnant and has a baby, the only place they rely on is their large and crowded families. They realize that the child they have is not only their child, that child is also a grandchild, nephew, cousin, one of the neighbors…


Ahmet Kayakesen Gizem Sevim Ayşegül Günay Cem Zeynel KılıçEylül ÖztürkÖzlem Tokaslan Ayhan Taş Volkan SevercanAsuman Dabak

Original Title

Mükemmel Eşleşme






Emre Kavuk