Let's Have a Walk


Ahmet is an unfortunate and unsuccessful documentary film maker. TRT finally approves his final documentary project about Turkish roots in the Balkans and the traditions of local Turks. This job is Ahmet’s chance of a lifetime and an unobtainable opportunity for his life’s dream of a documentary of Kenya. However, Ahmet has no money to shoot this documentary and on top of it, he has debts to everyone from film sector, to shipping, excavation and even for legumes. Ahmet realizes that both coasts of Maritza have the same characteristics so he secretly starts filming his documentation in rural Edirne, when he needed to film it in Greece, Macedonia, and Bosnia- Herzegovina. He shoots with the most awkward film crew in history. Things get pretty rough when the mayor joining the crew, thinking that a TRT film crew came in to introduce their village.However, everything goes crazy when they decide to film the tradition of jumping from Mostar Bridge with a similar architectural work of Mimar Hayrettin and the mayor, who always wants to athletically prove himself voluntarily jumps from the bridge and disappears.

Original Title

Biz Bir Dolaşalım


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Altıncı His, Mehmet Akif Aydın


Kemal Uzun