His Name is Yunus


His name is Yunus, is about a prisoner, who gives hope to those around him with his uncompromising attitude at a penitentiary in Ankara in the first quarter of 90’s. The film tells the story of his 40 days to freedom and the changes a man - Cem, head warden of the penitentiary and , one of the people whom Yunus influenced along the way - goes through. New prisoner at the penitentiary, Ugur Turgut, introduces himself as Yunus, because of his devotion to Turkish poet Yunus Emre. Warden Cevdet perceived this situation as a rebellion and decides to discipline Ugur Turgut. On the other hand, head warden Cem instinctively connects with Ugur Turgut and starts protecting him against Cevdet. This friendship causes major changes in Cem’s life and destroys his friendship with Cevdet. With the growing gap, the struggle and the battle between them gains even more strength.

Original Title

Adı Yunus


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Dijital Medya


Okan Özbay