Balkan Lullaby



The love of a Turkish and a Macedonian couple alikes a love of bird and fish and the answer to the question “ if a fish falls in love with a bird, where will their nest be" is an enigma. The biggest of the conflicts...It is not known whether it takes its inspiration from Romeo and Juliet or Leyla and Mecnun… But in Skopje, always an impossible love is experienced and the winner would be either love or separation. Two families, two different worlds… Two different nations, two different religions… And when there has desire for revenge between the father of the Turkish family and the mother of the Macedonian family, the obstacle of impossible love will be as big as the Shar mountains of Skopje and as hard as the raging water of Vardar. Süleyman and his family are a family living in the Turkish side of Skopje, preserving their culture and protecting their past… Elena and her family are from the project families of Tito, the great leader of the former Yugoslavia, who had strict rules in Macedonian culture… Ertan, son of the Turkish family, and Jovanka the daughter of Macedonian family are two young people we hope not to find each other in Skopje… While the families' conflict, both social and personal, is the last time the two people will come together, the two young people will find each other and the struggle will begin. This story is not a love story of two separate people, it is the story of two nations separated in one country, two families at war in one city… So, just like Romeo's family Montegue and Juliet's family Capulets… Even stronger than that. In the city where identities, beliefs and thoughts clash with each other, albeit rarely, the love of two people who are members of two different identities, beliefs and thoughts is a kind of reminiscent of all the fights. In Skopje, the number of people who would tolerate such a love even to be told in a TV series is a handful. But somehow this happens and filming begins for such a series. Ertan is chosen for one of the leading roles in the series, and Jovanka for the other. Seeing the posters of his son Ertan the day after the shooting, Süleyman is a person who strongly opposes the shooting of a TV series about Turkish-Macedonian love, but learns that his son will be the lead role in such a series and is surprised at what he has been through. It cannot be said that the situation is different for Elena, who does not like Turks and is a fan of Tito; When he sees his daughter Jovanka on the poster, he does not hesitate to hold her to account. Although these two families refrain from talking to each other about their fear of the love in the series spilling over into real life, the public has already started talking about them.In this city of thick and red lines, even the possibility of a love sprouting over the lines; It was enough to change the style of greetings given and received, people's perspectives on life and each other, and the warmth of forty years of friendship. It is an issue that the talk of identifies emerges.


Erdal ÖzyağcılarÖzlem Türkad Merih Öztürk Emre Bey Can Kolukısa Gözde ÇığacıHakan BoyavSuzan AkbelgeSarp BozkurtDeniz Gürkan Emine HalilBurak RahmanSüleyman KaraKaan Turgut Erman Saban

Original Title

Balkan Ninnisi






Doğan Ümit Karaca