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“The Language of the Tattoo” tries to look at the codeswhich history, belief and tradition draw on bodies, andto understand and document the language of fadingsymbols. On the other hand, it looks at what kind ofmarks these old lines leave on young bodies. Tattoo isthe painting on body which has been drawn since pasttimes. Its origin is a tacit communication language, aform of art which is buried deep in history. Sign is older than letter and in the archaic language of tattoo, meanings of symbols are read. The tradition of tattoo carries the signs of beliefs and culture lived thousands of years ago. It is a deep mark left on human body by pain, fear, joy and hope, but mostly desire. These lines that reach today from thousands of years ago, still speak the language of tales, myths and legends in Anatolia, especially in Mesopotamia, in Urfa, Viranşehir and Mardin for instance. While the marks of old times on old bodies are being erased quietly, new marks, new paintings appear on younger bodies. Do these new signs, which appear to be strangers to the history of these lands, create a new language that turns its face to theWest? In the sense of their equivalences in life and the meanings they bear, do the traditional lines of sacred, belief, and desire and the rough and colorful paintings that resemble the chaos of modern life separate or join together? THE LANGUAGE OF THE TATTOO seeks answers to all of these questions.

Episodes 1                  Duration 55
Produced By
Mihriban SEZEN
Directed By
Mihriban SEZEN, Yesim SONMEZ
TX Date
Documentary - Human Stories