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“Heirs of Dominion” is a series of documentary centering the fights of inheritance which is the one of subjects known at least in the Ottoman History. While the Project narrates the tragic life stories of Ottoman shahzadahs struggling with both their brothers and fathers for becoming Emperor, also aims for presenting a new viewpoint in the Ottoman History. As is known, the Ottoman dynasty did not have an inheritance law whose rules were nettably determined during its dominance lasting more than 600 years (if we don’t count its last fifty years). Even there were practices which are consisted of the Turkish morals acquired from central Asian races and Islam’s requirements, this situation could not prevent that the different comments came about in practical terms. The Ottoman dynasty leans itself on Oghuz Khan by way of Kayı Tribe and considers itself as having “Kut”; in a word, accepts being chosen/charged by God (Allah). As Islamic belief, the sole owner of dominion is almighty Allah and Emperors can administer this dominion only on behalf of him. Hence, the “sons” being members of Dynasty believe in being obliged to perform a “sacred” duty like administering the dominion of Allah on behalf of Allah, also. This is so for Ottoman, as well as many Turkish-Islam States. But, which son, in other words, which shahzadah bearing same blood should take on this duty? This matter is the one of biggest problems experienced by Ottoman dynasty like many dynasties which put their stamps on history and it sacrifices its hundreds of shahzadahs for this sake. The documentary series of “Heirs of Dominion” tries to narrate this process – struggles of Sultanate – beginning with the death of Ertugrul Ghazi in 1281 and continuing until 1922 when the Ottoman Empire withdrew from the stage of history in both political and human dimensions. The Project prepared with the contributions of many historians and academicians is produced under the counseling of Historian-Writer Orhan Sakin. The text authorship of “Heirs of Dominion” documentary, for which many archive documents that did not scanned until this time were used, is belonging to Murat Öncül and its director is Cengiz Atmaca. 

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