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If there were only one nation in the world, the capitol of it would have been İstanbul

İstanbul has been designated as a world capitol from the day if was formed by Constantine 1st. Constantine was probably aware of the fact that the city was at the juncture of east and west, North and South right at the meeting point of Asia and Europe. Because of this the city remained a capitol for 1700 years non stop and has been the headquarter of 3 giant emperors. A large geography was governed from this spot for centuries. In a short time İstanhbul has become a civilization setten in addition to being a Grand bridge for civilizations where cultures and religions interwine.

Although not religiously, but culturally and politically İstanhbul has become a civilization setter from Baghdat to Belgrade, Fizan to Tebriz. She took a lot from them in the fields of science, culture and used whatever she took to use as a building Stone for a new civilization and represented it to them with a new high sense of aestetics and cultural value.this mutual relationship has continued for ages and clinched İstanbul’s status as a natural capitol city.

“Cities that belong to the western civilizations have Garrison characters; İslamic civilization cities on teh other hand have  a character of a Galaxy”

This study goes ofter this fact. It depicts the story of İstanbul as a city that creates value in the area and sees the relations between 13 sister cities. On one hand we take aclose look to the cities that made İstanbul what it is, on the other hand our primary target is to examine what it is really that creates this power.

The cities that are discussed in the documentary

Sarajevo/Bosnia-Herzegovina, Damascus/Syria, Thessaloniki/Greece, Beirut/Lebanon,  Plovdiv/ Bulgaria, Cairo/Egypt, Skopje/Macedonia, Mecca- Medina/Saudi Arabia, Constanza/ Romania, Tripoli/Libya, Bahcesaray/Ukraina, San’a/Yemen, Prizren/ Kosovo


The above mentioned 13 cities are each examined in 40’ episodes, in addition to this 5 episodes look into the historical relations of İstanbul with these cities. The 18 episode documentary also has a 105 min. Cinematographic version.

Episodes 18                  Duration 40
Produced By
Mustafa SEN, İhsan AKTAS/GENAR
Directed By
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Documentary - History