• KIDS


  • TRT 1

    The broadcasting adventure that began in January 30, 1968 in small basement with 3 days testing broadcasts; carried TRT establishment to its current position with expert-apprentice relationship of those days’ personnel. Now, TRT 1 is entertaining us with its new vision and logo since October 13, 2009. TRT 1 informs, educates and entertains with its series, documentaries, news, sports, music and cultural productions.


    TRT launched TRT 2 channel in 1986, taking into consideration the latest developments in the field of television broadcasting. The channel served as a model for culture, documentary, news, sport and music programmes. The channel has later been transformed into TRT News which began broadcasting on March 18, 2010.

  • TRT 3

    Launched in October 2 1989, TRT 3 is largely about sport. 2008 Beijing Olympics was broadcasted live from this channel. In day time the channel also broadcasts as Turkish Grand National Assembly TV and TRT Southeast Project TV.


    TRT GAP was launched in 1989 by TRT to broadcast mainly in the southeast region. The channel that was a part of TRT 2’s daily transmission until 2001 is now a part of TRT 3 broadcasting program


    Launched in November 1, 2008 TRT KIDS aims to be an entertaining and fun channel with its distinct, innovative, original, educative and regional programs that encourages thinking skill of youngsters considered as the future of Turkey.

  • TRT 6

    It's a multi-language public channel that began its testing broadcasts in December 25, 2008. In January 1, 2009 the channel has become a part of TRT's broadcasting network. It aims to carry Turkey's rich and colorful culture to the white screen.


    Launched in March 21, 2009 TRT Avaz aims mainly people living in Central Asia, Caucasia and the Balkans who speak Turkish language. Besides documentaries and cultural, artistic, musical programs broadcasted in Kirghiz, Uzbek, Kazakh, Azerbaijani; it also contains Turkish subtitled series and movies produced in Turkish countries. The channel will soon launch a Turkish language education program.


    Launched in May 8 2009, TRT Turk broadcast 24 hours live from 20 countries and has two mottos explaining its policy: "watch the world in Turkish" and "World's news in TRT Turk".


    Launched in October 17, 2009 TRT Tourism and Documentary channel aims to meet the documentary program yearnings of Turkish people and contributes to the worldwide promotion of Turkey's cultural and natural beauties with its programs broadcasted in 4 different foreign languages. The main objective is to advertise Turkey's rich cultural inheritance; to take a combining role in the east-west conflict and to contribute to the development of Turkey's international image by collaboration to the other broadcasting establishments in its coverage area.


    The channel that began its testing broadcast in November 11, 2009; is on line since November 16. TRT's video and music archive was transferred to the digital platform due to channel's programming. Besides nostalgic video clips (30-40 minutes average) it'll also contain child and youth choruses, musical documentaries and music-entertainment-show programs.


    The channel in Arabic, aims to reach the viewers from the Mid-Africa to Algeria and Pakistan with its programmes dealing with political, economic and cultural issues. TRT Arabic began broadcasting on April 4, 2010.

  • TRT HD

    TRT HD test broadcasts started on May 24, 2010 and the channel began its regular broadcasts on June 12, 2010 during the World Cup. It is a family channel airing movies, sport programmes and documentaries. TRT HD, located in Ankara, broadcasts 24 hours a day.